#1 Passion and Joy

I’m a woman in her forties with so much ambition. I’ve lived a colourful life working in various genres and I’ve met some of the most amazing people that have inspired me to push myself that little bit farther. I’ve been marri
ed twice with kids and step kids and still with life getting in the way so to speak I have always written!

I needed to write like I had to breathe! I wrote my first short story at the
age of eight. My grade three teacher loved it so much he published it for the whole class to read.  I still have a copy with illustrations and all…It was about a Guppy fish called Zippy. I dont know why I wrote about a guppy fish because I had never had a fish of my own until I was seventeen. But never the less I wrote about zippy like he was someone dear to me.

I eventually moved on to writing poetry during my teens and beyond, I found it carthartic and a type of escapism. Some of that poetry has been published in various publications over the years including my anthology of poetry and photographs called Perpetual Motions . The following link is to the e-book.http://ww.blurb.com/2046644-perpetual-motions-sognia-vassallo-sime


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