#3 It’s all in my head.

Hi again, people are always asking me how do I come up with my characters and be able to give them a whole back story?

FullSizeRender 11The answer is I really don’t know for sure! It’s not a cop-out answer…. It’s just that what I start out with never really ends up exactly how I want them! Strange I hear you ask, because I am the creator of my own stories and the characters that live with in!

Yes and No; I often have a character in my mind slightly based on one or several personalities that I know and I create that character. As that character emerges they are brought to life with a back story, like parents, siblings, schools they attend, their clothes they wear and the way they speak and their general mannerisms.

Some times I intend to write a character a certain way but later as I proof read, that person has completely become someone totally different. IMG_3438Sometimes its a good thing but sometimes it may not be…and this is why…

When I write I write autonomously like a robot, my brain is working faster than my fingers type and the words that are written are not of a sound mind. What I mean by that is that the story has taken over a life of its own and my sub-conscious has taken over.

When I finally stop and (snap out of my little story world) my character/s have turned into something that I had no control over. So that’s when I have to stop and rethink; “Where is this story going and how does this character work?”

FullSizeRender 19


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