Book Launch was a success. Thank you!

Saturday July 4 was the book launch for my first book “I Think my Dad is a Spy!”

Perth put on wet miserable weather for us but many people from near and far braved the cold and rainy night to make it a successful night. The Spy briefcase was raffled off and we raised over $300 for The Brain Cancer Foundation


#7 Something to prove

FullSizeRender 37FullSizeRender 12Hello again, I’ve always been a head strong woman maybe its a flaw of mine though, I have never seen it that way!  but as soon as someone tells me something can’t be done or “That’s impossible!” I take it on as challenge. And I have never failed a challenge yet!

With so many challenges that life throws at us, writing has been one of my most enjoyable and frustrating challenges. As I mentioned in an earlier post I started off as a young writer writing for myself, later on in life I wrote poetry only for my eyes, then after a long break I started to write again, but this time I felt like I needed to have a reason…to get published. Only then I would be filled with satisfaction of a job well done.

That seems to be what we all want no mater what our age. It’s funny that we constantly give gratitude to our children but as adults we seldom give it and receive it.

#5 Dreams

Hi again, I find myself day dreaming a lot probably more now as a mature adult FullSizeRender 45than I did as a kid. Some would say because you’re too busy being a kid to dream, but I am way busier now than I ever have been so I think the real answer is because life is running out! It sounds harsh I know but it’s relatively true. As a kid you’re young and naive with your whole life ahead of you! As an adult your older wiser and have the worry of the world on your shoulders.

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But with that said it doesn’t mean you should lose sight of your dreams. I let life get in the way there for a while and I thought that being a grown up meant NO MORE SILLY DREAMS!  But that’s simply not true. EVERYONE needs to have at least one dream to help them reach their goals. I think if you lose sight of your dreams you lose sight of your future!

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I’m a HUGE self doubter and a self sabotager! It’s something that I know a lot of us do, we ruin something out of fear of failure! Writing has taught me that whether you write for yourself or the many. You will be critiqued no matter what and NO-ONE could criticize me harsher than myself,so just do it!
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