Calling EVERYONE who loves movies!

So I’ve had a book published this year and that’s pretty freakin awesome I know but…..with like with so many ambitious people my dreams are kinda bigger.  you see I always knew that if I got this book published then it would make way for a series which then can be turned into movies kinda like (Diary of a wimpy kid, but an Aussie version instead).

My question to you is after viewing the i-move Trailer I made (don’t judge) from the current book #IThinkMyDadisaSpy, is what medium do you think this G-PG film should be made in!

#ANIMATED or #ACTORS?  I welcome comments and ideas and movie executives email address LOL but please no trolls!

Now comes the fun part of this social experiment…to see how many hands this video can get into before November 2015  (nearly four months away)  I will be in New York promoting my book.  And hopefully a movie deal….
Please share this post and buy the book (just google I think my dad is a spy) to help my dream become a reality. Thank you in advance.

#Movie #DISNEY #viral coz I’m #notaspringchickenanymore 😘


#5 Dreams

Hi again, I find myself day dreaming a lot probably more now as a mature adult FullSizeRender 45than I did as a kid. Some would say because you’re too busy being a kid to dream, but I am way busier now than I ever have been so I think the real answer is because life is running out! It sounds harsh I know but it’s relatively true. As a kid you’re young and naive with your whole life ahead of you! As an adult your older wiser and have the worry of the world on your shoulders.

FullSizeRender 38

But with that said it doesn’t mean you should lose sight of your dreams. I let life get in the way there for a while and I thought that being a grown up meant NO MORE SILLY DREAMS!  But that’s simply not true. EVERYONE needs to have at least one dream to help them reach their goals. I think if you lose sight of your dreams you lose sight of your future!

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I’m a HUGE self doubter and a self sabotager! It’s something that I know a lot of us do, we ruin something out of fear of failure! Writing has taught me that whether you write for yourself or the many. You will be critiqued no matter what and NO-ONE could criticize me harsher than myself,so just do it!
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#4 Jk Rowling

FullSizeRenderHi again, Today after re watching all of the eight Harry Potter movies for the millionth time. I have to say that on a scale of 1 to 10. I am 9 & 3/4’s a mad fool for Harry Potter!

I have followed the life of J K Rowling since the first Harry Potter book. Not only because the book was FREAKIN AWESOME but because we are roughly the same age with similar life experiences.

FullSizeRender 10

Ms Rowling inspired me to keep writing  because anything is possible! The more I read the books and watched the movies, I realized just how fractured her life must’ve been to create this entire wizarding world in her mind. But I am so grateful that she did so we could all share it. I often find myself in times of sorrow and at my most venerable that my imagination also grows. It grows like a giant beanstalk. My story writing engulfs me and sweeps me up and up and up. It’s like a drug I’m high on my words, living and breathing my characters story lines and I never   want to come down                                                                  back to reality.

IMG_3437For a long time I was writing only to be published, because I thought that would validate my time spent away from housework, my kids my husband and sometimes even my day job! But Its not about that at all. I have learnt that I need to write, its who I am and not about how many people read my words.

#3 It’s all in my head.

Hi again, people are always asking me how do I come up with my characters and be able to give them a whole back story?

FullSizeRender 11The answer is I really don’t know for sure! It’s not a cop-out answer…. It’s just that what I start out with never really ends up exactly how I want them! Strange I hear you ask, because I am the creator of my own stories and the characters that live with in!

Yes and No; I often have a character in my mind slightly based on one or several personalities that I know and I create that character. As that character emerges they are brought to life with a back story, like parents, siblings, schools they attend, their clothes they wear and the way they speak and their general mannerisms.

Some times I intend to write a character a certain way but later as I proof read, that person has completely become someone totally different. IMG_3438Sometimes its a good thing but sometimes it may not be…and this is why…

When I write I write autonomously like a robot, my brain is working faster than my fingers type and the words that are written are not of a sound mind. What I mean by that is that the story has taken over a life of its own and my sub-conscious has taken over.

When I finally stop and (snap out of my little story world) my character/s have turned into something that I had no control over. So that’s when I have to stop and rethink; “Where is this story going and how does this character work?”

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